Professionally engineered 1-Wire technology boards

Surface mount technology on all boards

Solid State Relays. No noise. All Fuse protected. Graceful power-on!

Totally Scalable!
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Our boards eliminate Wiring "Rats Nest"

Multiple DC Power Supply Options

Control sprinklers based on temperature for efficient water use

Monitor HVAC System run times and Energy Usage

Control outdoor lighting and property access gates
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Millions of successful I/O commands with no failures!

24 Volts AC control voltage on-board

boards DIN rail mount and inter-connect

Supports 4 independent channels of 1-Wire Data IO (inter-connect)
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Recent Accomplishments

Added "Delta-T" calculations to web/phone temperature site. Delta-T allows the 1WireHome system to determine HVAC efficiency. This can (future) automatically determine problems with HVAC system. This includes monitoring HVAC amerage pull (AC) in real time.

Changed promotional site to show important data first, promotional informational second.

Upgraded web and smart device so it supports more devices. New devices include tablets and other dis-connected devices. This includes "web services".

Increased Cloud bandwidth by a magnitude to support expected traffic growth over the next few years. New bandwidth capabilites should allow 10,000 accounts. Unexpected near-term growth can be addressed with additional web servers and multiple database instances.

1WireBits launched the web site allowing you to monitor and control your home on your smart phone or desktop. The link is the current early beta version 0.4 which shows temperature from sensors around a real installation/location (live data!).

2015.08.17 has started testing Windows 2016 Server to support our future cloud environments. Windows Server 2016 is a significant Microsoft release with a new IIS version capabilities, Microsoft managing Virus Protection (instead of Symantec Anti-Virus) and superior server port management for enhanced security.

The 1WireTemperatureService is complete. This Windows Service records temperatures to your local computer database, the Cloud or both. Features include adding new 1-Wire ROMCodes automatically, storing hourly temperatures and removing normal-periodic readings after 90 days.

We have successfully stored data to the cloud for users. This is a significant achievement since this now allows us to write smart phone applications for users. The possibilities are endless! We are very excited about this at!

We are now running on our new servers in Dallas, Texas. Basically we have our own cloud established for storing data. This is one of many steps to get into the home energy management mainstream.

Working on missing progress data betweem 2010 and 2015.

First system built that supported sprinkler system management by outside temperature. All running on a Windows home desktop computer. All using 1-Wire technology.

Started working on the DS-2408 and DS-2450 board interfaces based on the knowledge of working with the DS-18S20. There are many basics to the programming the 1-Wire boards (all boards).

Designed and produced our first board supporting the DS-18S20 temperature chip. Unfortunately this board design made 1Wire networking unreliable. Fortunately lots of 1-Wire programming knowledge gained using Microsoft .NET.



We are different! We intend to be. We want to build the most configuration and software advanced 1-Wire boards available today using all current software interfaces for 1-Wire and web technologies for home computer and smart-phone support. This includes total home automation.

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Primary offerings of

Cloud Technology

As a company we are vertically integrated. We have our own cloud for on-line data storage and are experts in on-line security. Our founder has over 30 years experience a the industry's third largest US military contractor and specialises in Information Technology and High Security systems.

Well Documented

On-line web site helps developers and users with key information needed to manage the 1-Wire network, troubleshoot problems and understand errors in the system when they may occur.


All of the hardware is supported with FREE 1WireBits software. Our software is easy to configure and supports multiple vendor master controllers.


Purchasing products gives you 24/7 support for the first 7 days after receipt. We will help you setup your hardware and make sure it's going to work for the long-haul!


It is the technology used for building and executing connected systems.

  • 8 inputs or outputs. Mix and match. 4 data lines. Boards inter-connect. 24VAC control voltage on-board!

    DS2408 Board

    Excellent starter board. Number of inputs and outputs can be hard-soldered in place.

  • DS2408 U Configuration

    Connect two or more boards at 180 degree angles. Connections on the outside.

  • DS2408 L Configuration

    Connect two or more boards at right-angles. Connections are managed from the inside.


Support for all the systems below is in work. Thanks for your understanding.


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